About Us

The B.M. Group is a privately held contract manufacturer that specializes in value-priced “private label” chemical products, as well as supplying its own BM brand of chemical solutions. We serve various industries, among them the dental and medical sectors.

Based in Montreal, the company specializes in contract manufacturing and distributing solutions across Canada for every day clinical asepsis, x-ray processing, instrument cleaning and disinfection, and skin care. We also develop specialized products for other industrial applications.

The B.M Group sales strategy, since its founding, has been based on selling exclusively to distributors who in turn supply the end user market. To that end, the B.M Group ‘s reputation for an aggressive sales and marketing approach has been based on the philosophy of providing its dealers’ network with the support needed to ensure effective sales and merchandising of its BM solutions.

By considering to partner with the B.M Group you will have selected one of the most respected suppliers in the Canadian industry, recognized for the quality of service and products we provide. The success of our private label program is largely due to our capability to adapt quickly and produce even very minimal quantities of product at a time. Our objective is to consistently deliver high quality products to our customers on a set time and assist in lowering inventory levels through minimum and consistent lead times with no backorders.

Healthcare workers can expect to obtain unsurpassed results with maximum efficacy when using our BM cleaning and disinfectant products. Our long lasting dental x-ray solutions will deliver consistent high resolution images.

The company was formed in 1993 by Boris Myschkowski and has grown to become an important Canadian supplier of chemical products to the dental, medical and healthcare community at large.